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Our Mission

Planters by Design aims to expand the topic of gardening to children by offering a fun DIY planter box. The planter promotes learning in kids through a hands-on approach. By adding customizable value, we hope kids take ownership and continue to pursue gardening, an environmental and ecological positive for us all!

Our Product

At Planters by Design, we believe in customizable value. When children are able to build, paint and choose seeds to go in their planter, they value the ownership. Daily watering and care strike home the value of patience. We have developed this product with kids' creativity in mind, the ease of our product lessens the inherent challenges of gardening, allowing more time to explore the beauty of their plants.

Our Story

Founded on hard-work and craftsmanship, Planters by Design is grounded in the local community. We work with local organizations to further our mission of increasing garden food production in urban environments.

Meet The Team

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